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  1. Do you consider yourself an Empath? I know I am. An Empath is a person who is extremely sensitive to the emotions and energy of other people, animals and places. In my case even trees, fictional characters (like the poor Willy Weasel in the ice cream van ad from the 70s - I was heartbroken his ice cream went splat on the road) - but even fairy tales can be deeply upsetting, especially to a child. Here's an example: "The Fir-Tree" is a literary fairy tale by the Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen (1805–1875). The tale is about a fir tree so anxious to grow up, so anxious for greater things, that he cannot appreciate living in the moment. The tale was first published on the 21st December 1844 with "The Snow Queen", in Copenhagen, Denmark, by C.A. Reitzel. One scholar (Andersen biographer Jackie Wullschlager) indicates that "The Fir-Tree" was the first of Andersen's fairy tales to express a deep pessimism.
    Why do we have fairy tales like this for children? Well the simplest answer is that many were written to try and teach us life lessons. But for an empath, some stories can be very sad. In the woods stands a little fir-tree. He is preoccupied with growing up and is thoroughly embarrassed when a hare hops over him, an act which emphasizes his diminutiveness. The women call him the baby of the forest and again he is embarrassed and frustrated. A stork tells him of seeing older trees chopped down and used as ship masts, and the little tree envies them. In the fall, nearby trees are felled and the sparrows tell the little fir-tree of seeing them decorated in houses.

    One day while still in his youth, the fir-tree is cut down for a Christmas decoration. He is bought, carried into a house, decorated, and, on Christmas Eve, glows with candles, colored apples, toys, and baskets of candy. A gold star tops the tree. The children enter and plunder the tree of its candy and gifts, then listen to a little fat man tell the story of "Humpty Dumpty".

    The next day, the fir-tree expects the festivities to be renewed, but servants take the tree down and carry him into the attic. The tree is lonely and disappointed, but the mice gather to hear the tree recite the tale of "Humpty Dumpty". Rats arrive and, when they belittle the simple tale, the mice leave and do not return. In the spring, the fir-tree – now withered and discolored – is carried into the yard. A boy takes the star from its topmost branch. The fir-tree is then cut into pieces and burned.
    Pessimistic indeed and well, that had me in tears when I was small!
    So this might explain why I was making little fir tree glass globe necklaces the other day, in a little tribute to the fir tree in his prime, covered in snow just before Christmas, and how I wish he had stayed that way! 

  2. I like to make jewellery with glass domes and resin but I also use DecoArt Media liquid glass when my bezels are an awkward size or for a lighter finish. I'd love to show you how!

    The DecoArt Media liquid glass is available to buy on our website and here is how I use it:

    decoart cutting image 1 

    First I choose my pendant bezel and what picture I would like to use. I have chosen a large bronze brooch setting which fits a 30 x 40 mm oval picture. I have scaled down a flower fairy image on my computer in a word document. I print the image on a good quality acid free card (available in our shop) on my laserjet printer for a really crisp and colourful image. In the photo you can see I have used one of my special punch tools which cuts a precise 30 x 40 mm oval. I have these available too on the website! But you can use any oval punch if you have one the right size, simply turn it upside down to see your image and punch out.

    decoart bits ready 2

    I now have my oval cut out and I also have a little resin rose which I am going to adhere to the piece to give it a 3 dimensional look.

    decoart brooch without glue on yet 3

    I stick my image into the pendant bezel using a little DecoArt liquid.

    decoart cloudy piece 4

    Now I cover my image with a layer of DecoArt liquid and carefully place my resin rose on top. Don't worry, it will look cloudy for some time yet! I make sure there are no little bubbles in the liquid. Any air bubbles I find can be pricked with a pin. I now wait (for approx 24 hours depending on how thick my layer of liquid is). It will set eventually, don't be tempted to pick it up or touch it in this time! You can set a see through lid over the top to prevent tiny particles of dust from the air getting on it and still allow you to keep an eye on it's progress.

    decoart finished piece

    And here is my finished piece! The rose is stuck to the pendant and the image is covered with a fine glass like seal. 

    Happy making!